Above Ground Cemeteries

by Rebuild/Repair

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released November 20, 2016

Rebuild/Repair are Jason, Randall, and Kelly

Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound in Gonor, MB

Additional vocals on "Burn Edmonton To The Fucking Ground" by Kalan from Zero Cool. ( store.zerocoolband.com )
Additional vocals on "Suicide Fence" by Elliott from Latcho Drom ( latchodrom.bandcamp.com )



all rights reserved


Rebuild/Repair Edmonton, Alberta

Art has no value and culture is dead

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Track Name: Budget Pyrotechnics
I'll smash the glass I'll set a fire that won't last and when it's out I'll slip right past no loss now useless no time no movement no face just bruises no truth just useless I'll make myself a different man I'll make the pieces fit again I'll make this all a memory I'll make this all just disappear I'll move so fast I'll cut my hand on broken glass and when I'm done I'll sleep at last those fires burn all night those fires give no light no warmth or quiet comfort no guiding sense of purpose
Track Name: Burn Edmonton To The Fucking Ground
Maybe insanely profitable businesses should pay for their own fucking buildings and maybe the government shouldn't hand out free money to profitable businesses when there are people living on the fucking streets.
Track Name: Above Ground Cemeteries
Your place is here in this dying state where the rivers disappear into the ground the years go by and you catch the sparks in your hand but they're forever burning out and there's not much left to say or maybe words just always fail to capture the sense of place until it disappears forever and we look back upon its grace all roads to nowhere all talk say nothing the dead walk on this barren plain no place but here no escape from routine recognize the truth beyond your hands this place will hold you down and wont relent and one day all you'll have is your regret
Track Name: My Life As A Vice Cop
When you shake hands with the worst examples it's hard to stand apart when your actions contradict convictions the truth shines on your heart don't talk to me of compromise and strong ideals good intentions tossed aside for the comfort of black and white when you come to find me they'll be knocking down your door too late to reconsider anything you stand for when you wake up with the weight of guilt upon you it's hard to act so smart when you lay down with the traitors and the thieves they're bound to taint your heart when the party is over where were you going to go when there's no going home when the moment is over where were you going to go when your life is a mess and there's no going home
Track Name: Suicide Fence
You think this fence will stop me you think I haven't thought this through there's no place left for me but the bottom of the river with the rocks and dirt my head is screaming guilt my body trudging on and forward this weight I can't shake off is choking me to death it's been so long since I can remember feeling something else each day when I wake up my mistakes come rushing back
Track Name: Storm And Grief
They dream of quiet places I long for towers of glass and steel forests of concrete pillars a formless mass of flesh and feel in the distance the sound of thunder relieves the city sleeps through the storm and the grief disembodied and at one with this place the spirits sing with the streets through cracks grow green renewal through cracks fall people and their dreams through years of ceaseless changes through aspiration and through fear and in the quiet moonlight though no stars are shining in our sky this constant confrontation defines how we live our lives
Track Name: Zero Days
Each day the same start with the best intentions but I lie awake with the blood rushing through my ears and the wheels will fall off when I hit the ditch again a familiar feeling try to make it through a desperate pretence see it coming again a disembodied vision of an unrecognizable man each day the same same moves the same game replays I'm watching from the sidelines when I fumble again as the players walk off I'm left alone again mistakes mounting get the same result each time in the end see it coming again and again each day repeats the last I recognize the place I'm in one day I'll get it together I'd wish for nothing if I could start again I'd wish for no one to be the man I am a devil lives inside of me in my heart it always gets the best of me and things fall apart
Track Name: Cheap Real Estate
Cut off my hands
Cut off my head